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We use a number of different ways to restore life back into a DPF filter, but generally, it is the same format but in different set up. We do a diagnostic on the vehicle first to see why the car is not regenerating or how much % of Ash is left in the filter,  Most filters will get to 60% full and the regeneration safety settings kick in and de-activate the regeneration process, leaving you the owner with a dashboard of flashing lights and a vehicle that wont drive as expected but rather in what we call "Limp Mode"

We generally use a German Branded product's made by LAUNCH UK & MANNOL in a 2 stage cleaning process, this process is either done from the engine bay or under the vehicle itself, yes its a rather smoky experience and we do our upmost best to not leave any mess or marks on your driveway or road during the process.

The job normally takes anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours and we always advise customers to get a new DPF pressure sensor prior to our arrival as "Sometimes" the DPF Pressure sensor can also be affected by the amount of miles, time and heat of the DPF's lifetime of use. We will offer to change the DPF pressure sensor as we do the job for you, If we can.

Prices start at £249 depending on your location from us and what type of vehicle you have.

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call us between 10am and 8pm 7 days.

07772 177677

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